letter to my 21-year-old self

source: morguefile – mailCN2423 by clarita

author: Yali Szulanski
content partner: elephantjournal.com

Dear Me,

Good morning.

For me, today is October 25, 2011 and it’s a Tuesday. For you, today is October 25, 2006, a Wednesday.

This means that you haven’t taken sleeping pills yet to sleep through the day; you might actually be awake and getting ready to go to class. Hopefully, you stayed in last night and took care of yourself, but even if you didn’t, I know you did your best.

It’s okay, I’m not here to judge you, I promise. I hear that you’ve really been struggling with feelings that you’re not sure what to do with. You haven’t had much guidance, and let’s face it, you’ve had to deal with a lot on your own.

That’s okay, I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone.

I see that look in your eyes—I understand your skepticism. You woke up this morning and had to clean vomit from your bathroom floor.

It’s okay, I’m still here for you.

You feel like you’re chewing gravel most of the time. You’re angry with yourself, but you don’t really know why.

You are having a tough time with your family, you love your parents and you want them to help you, but you don’t know how to tell them. They’re angry, and you feel like you’ve disappointed them. They actually care deeply about you, they just don’t know how to help either. Continue reading–>

author: Yali Szulanski
content partner: elephantjournal.com

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